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Requirements for Installing Semantic UI Omega

  1. Semantic UI Omega is a Omega 4 based theme for  Drupal 7. So first of all you need to have Drupal 7 installed with Omega 4 theme. 

  2. Semantic UI Omega theme is written based on  "Semantic UI" which is a independent Development Library. To integrate  "Semantic UI" with Drupal you need to have Semantic UI API module installed properly.
    1. You can read more at Semantic UI API module page about how to install this module. You can otherwise refer to README.txt file in Semantic UI API module.

How to Verify that Semantic UI is working Properly?

After installing all above you can visit: admin/help/semantic_ui_api , if icons are appearing then it means you are fine to Go Ahead.!

Finaly you can download and enable : Semantic UI Omega latest version from :


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